Where are you based in?

We are based in Athens, Greece.

Do you travel?

Yes we do. We do travel for destination weddings. We travel all over Greece, Europe, even any other continents. So feel free to ask our team about your wedding day.

Is your company legal?

Yes it is. We are legal company, registered with VAT number. Dont be afraid to cooperate with us.

What services do you provide?

We provide: - Photography - Cinematography - Drone/Aerial - Photo booth

Is it possible for a couple to book Beyondfilms, for specific services, such as photography?or Cinematography?

Yes it is. It is possible to book Beyondfilms, to shoot photography only, or cinematography. It has happen in the past, and it is happening. But please understand that booking Beyondfilms for both main services, the total offer will be ideal, than book each service separate.

Do you use drone?

Yes we do. We use drone. It needs to be allowed to fly on the areas of interest, it is insuranced and legal.

Do you cooperate with other vendors in Greece?

Yes we do. We cooperate with wedding planners, other photographers/cinematographers, DJs, caterers, venues, make up artists, etc. In case you need any advice or help for your wedding day, feel free to ask.

Do you print wedding albums?

We provide wedding albums. We have partners in Athens, Greece, a company that prints the wedding albums for couples. We design and provide the final design to print. When you receive an offer from us, the same moment you will receive the wedding albums price list.

What is your style when shooting on a wedding?

We prefer for photography & cinematography, to shoot more natural. We like PJ (photojournalistic) and documetary style. So we are more like to not set any scene. 99% of your wedding day we will shoot without disturbing you, or stress you.

Is there a contract we agree upon?

Yes it is. We have a simple but important contract for both sides, to be safe and clear to each other.

What do you provide as final digital content?

For a wedding day including bride's & groom's preparations, ceremony and reception/party, we provide around 1000 images, high resolution, edited (exposure & colors), w/o watermarks. The videos the couple receives, are: - The wedding movie (around 20 minutes) - The wedding video clip (around 3-4 minutes) both are edited and in Full HD resolution (1080)

Are you an individual professional?

No, we are a team of photographers and cinematographers.


Our team is fully vaccinated against Covid-19.